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Fond Farewell?

Everyone embroidered a letter (or two.)

As our time together comes to a close, we focused on finishing all of our projects and saying good bye. This was very difficult. The embroidered letters will become the center of a quilt we have collaborated on. When finished, I will give it to Hudson Family Literacy to hang in their offices as a remembrance of our time together.

Because we all wished for more Stitching Exchange, we are now planning for our next workshop: how to sew clothing using a pattern on the sewing machine. Special guest stitching maven Lorraine Bulson, (former owner of The Warm Ewe,) will take the lead on instructing this workshop. This new workshop will be held during the third week in June. After the workshop, each woman who would like a sewing machine will be given one to take home. Stay tuned!

Do you have a sewing machine in good working condition you would like to donate to an immigrant woman? Please contact me via my website.

Some of the tasty dishes folks brought to share: savory on the left and dessert on the right!

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