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complexities of crochet

A beautiful but labor-intensive crochet stitch.

None of the hands in the image on the left are mine. This complicated crochet stitch was taught by one participant to another at RISSE. In between rows, stitches are picked up on the wooden stick seen on the left and 6 additional chain stitches are added. Bringing in the skills and interests of participants allows for more agency and co-authoring of Stitching Exchange!

During Ramadan, things are a bit quiet. But we have big plans for mid June: sewing from a pattern classes with guest teachers for both Hudson and RISSE. I have been gathering sewing machines so that all participants will have one to use. This has required learning some basic machine repair and some interesting searches online for manuals and parts. After the classes, these machines will go home with participants! Thank you to everyone who has donated a sewing machine.

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