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Stitching Exchange
 Using the tools, techniques and materials of the needle arts as our common language.


Market bag made of recycled cottons. Hand embroidery: Bangla "corn" by Taslima, English "corn" by Melissa.

This project, started in 2019, is ongoing. I have partnered with two literacy groups: Hudson Family Literacy and RISSE (Refugee and Immigrant Support Services Emmaus.) 

I have created weekly and drop in classes using embroidery and basic sewing to build community, practice English, and creative expression.

Through the kindness of many individuals, more than 25 immigrants have taken home a sewing machine.


Up-Stitch, has continued to help and support our efforts. Most materials we use are provided free of charge by Up-Stitch. You can now support Stitching Exchange efforts by purchasing items available from our little store on the Up-Stitch online store. Hand made items are donated by Up-Stitch community members or are made collaboratively with Stitching Exchange participants. 100% of sale proceeds goes directly to Stitching Exchange!


What's new for 2022?

Stitching Exchange will begin an experimental collective called Hand/Work. We will use an informal time bank system, an alternative currency system where hours of service take the place of money.

Watch the video here:

Watch the Hand/Work info sesion video here:


Listen here to a recent interview to learn more about this project:

Follow us: @stitchnexchange


Throw Pillow made of recycled men's shirts. Hand embroidery: English "kinship" by Melissa, Bangla "kinship"by Taslima.

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