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Madison LaVallee offered a ceramic tiles project inspired by area architectural details in relief. (made by Sandi)

We took photographs using place as a metaphor for self.  This part of the project was lead by Jason van Staveren. 

A summer of collaboration and community engagement with a 20+ year drop-in art program for locals with mental health related issues. I worked with teaching artist/sculptor Madison LaVallee and Photographer Jason Van Staveren to create special programming to consider how we see ourselves in relation to our community. At the end of these summer workshops we had an exhibition at Troy Center for the Arts titled Our Place.

Roarke Center

Troy, NY -  2017

We used a variety of media to express emotion then translated this into color and line.

Selection of buttons made of participants artworks.  Buttons were given out during the opening.  We used old polaroid cameras to document and added these images to our exhibition, inviting these participants into our community.

(clockwise top left: Four images from the exhibition, Sister Loretta looking, Jason looking at Moses, Moses from ground level.)

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