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The Collections project is an ongoing conversation with my community on what we collect, why, and how these themes can bring us together.  I have deliberately left room for serendipity to build on and learn from.  This project officially launched in February of 2013 with large photographic images on a local cafe wall.  On the What do you..side collections of locals were depicted.  On the ...Collect? side people coming into the cafe could write what they collect on a small slip of paper and add it to the “conversation.”  After two months over 250 were added.  Across the street, a local real estate office offered their window as a place for some of the collections to be on display with a little information about the collector.  This space has been offered indefinitely and they even gave me a key!  


In March of 2013 the Chatham Public library hosted an evening for collectors and the curious alike.  The public got a chance to see many interesting collections and consider borrowing a selection from a collection, using the library system as our guide. Documentation of this project is now now available on view at the Chatham Public library - in the reference section. 

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