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An assessible and easily transportable radio "station" on the back of my bicycle.

WCHT 88.7 chat radio


What would my community do with its own micro radio station?  Would we listen to each other more? Could I use the limitations and contradictions of the limited listening range of my transmitter (about 600 feet in order to not get in trouble with the FCC,) as a catalyst for learning to listen more?


We tested our equipment and asked passersby a brief survey on their "radio-listening-habits." We created a "listening" area with large paper-mache ears.




Notes from summer meetings.

Special kudos to Summer Intern extraordinaire Alice Acianni who never said no and who took excellent notes of all our conversations.  And Annie Seefeldt who stepped in at the last minute as our “host” during the Solar Eclipse extravaganza at the Chatham Public Library. 


We managed to be a part of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse.  We collaborated with a (real) local public radio station WGXC 90.7 during this event.



Images: Annie Seefeltd interviewing Chatham Public Library director Julie DeLisle during the Solar Eclipse 2017; community member safely viewing eclipse; family describing what they saw.

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