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Audio Archive

Questions about whether and how value can be placed on works where there is no object, while recognizing there is already too much stuff in the world has lead to exploring the realm of sound.  Interaction, participation, and collaboration are all key components of these projects though I have little or no formal background in audio.  These projects were created and edited through the use of simple and accessible technologies 


Audio Walking Tour of Chatham - The audio walking tour concept borrows it title from the more traditional idea of walking and hearing about a place.  The story part of this project borrows from the various (and quite wonderful) forms of oral story telling such as Story Core or the Moth but with a slightly different intent.  The gathering and editing of these stories is an ensemble act.  Who was involved and how becomes as important as who listens.  This process can be long and tricky but also has the potential to connect members of a community in unexpected ways.

Drawing from Memory, Staten Island - Audio archive of personal stories told to artists over the phone.  The artist made a drawing of the story while they listened. 


Art Omi Audio Walking Tour - Edited audio stories told by past artists in residence about the place of Art Omi.  

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