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A brief pause as we prepare

A lot to accomplish still, but one does need to catch their breathe and smile for the camera!

As we get ready for our event Mending Day* happening TOMORROW at the Hudson Area Library, there is still much to do. The women were up for the challenges! To complete a "map" of where we are from I asked them to select a color of silk and write their names on it. On their own they outlined this with beautiful embroidery. If you come to Mending Day expect some added color to your mending!

For their final project, a "personality" fabric square (pictured above,) I will collect these and make a quilt as a gift of our time together. Next week, our official last week together we plan to have a little party - with food! I am very excited to try some new dishes. Because our friendships have grown, we are working on ways to keep Stitching Exchange alive. Stay tuned on what's next and how you can get involved!

*Mending Day - a community engagement event at the Hudson Area Library from 1:30-3pm. This event is part of a project called Stitching Exchange, in collaboration with Hudson Family Literacy.

You are invited to bring an article of clothing needing mending. We will be there to mend your garment and have a conversation with you to practice our English!

Do you have a working sewing machine you no longer use? You can donate it to one of these wonderful women! Contact me through my website or come to the event!

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