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Studio Exchange Project


One of the best perks of being a grad student is the studio that comes with the price of tuition.  As my work began to shift towards social engagement, it seemed my studio was being underutilized. Inspiried by the Network of Domestic Spaces, a website that acts as a connector for individuals with space in their homes that is offered to artists as mini-residencies,  I decided to offer my studio to others.  


Robert Cederberg is an artist with an interesting body of work made of melted plastic bottles. When his installation was complete, we set up a critique with grad students. Later his colleagues from the University library attended a sort of “gallery opening,” many of whom had never been inside the Boor Sculpture building. While his colleagues visited the “gallery,” the idea for the drawing class for library staff was germinated.


To complete the project, Robert and I decided we would prepare questions for each other and have a final “interview” where we could talk about some of the ideas/themes generated from this project.  Below are some brief clips from the interview and the critique.

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