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Everyday Experts - Troy 2017


Everyday Experts was part of series called Troy Summer Square, a never-before-seen public arts engagement program spearheaded by the Arts Center of the Capital Region and the city of Troy, NY to bring a downtown city block alive.


The pairing of 'everyday' with 'expert' is deliberate. It is a reminder that we all have expertise that can be celebrated. By creating an engaging platform for a broad range of community members to interact, we learn from each other.


Participants included:  Anastasia Lewitinn, founder of the first non-perishable food pantry in the Capital Region called Butterfly WingsAmy Halloran, whose love for pancakes led her to write a book about regional grain production, The New Bread Basket; George Moon, enthusiastic supportor of Troy Bike Rescue and skilled tall bike rider; Jerry and Jeriah Ford, a father and son team connected with the Troy Boys and Girls club using Hip Hop as a form to build leadership and agency; and Tony Iannacito of Tony of Italy hair salon in Troy on 4th street, hairdresser for over 50 years with amazing stories to tell (some told while giving a member of the audience a haircut!)

Photographs by Paula Hebert
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